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Filming Your Wedding Using A Drone

Using drones to film your wedding and take additional photography can free up time, space and save a bit of money while you’re at it. These flying photographers can nudge into places that would be awkward for people and most guests will never even notice them. Not only does this invite more sincere reactions, shots and films but it allows for angles that humans simply can’t get to.

Beautiful Aerial Shots

For instance, it would be incredibly difficult to get overhead shots of the wedding party without either the use of a ladder or a helicopter. Perhaps even some combination of the two. With drones, you can work from various heights that are previously just a dream. This includes shots of shorter subjects as well, such as children like the ring bearer and flower girl, or pets that may be substituting in their place.

Most models are quiet enough that they can fly right up to the wedding couple to catch their vows without engine noise creating difficulty on playback. Always be certain to test this before the big day comes and to use a noise cancelling microphone. If there is any extra noise, the microphone’s insulation will help catch it rather than letting it rattle through the recording.

Smooth Video Capturing

Stabilizers can give drones a whole new ability. If the big day ends up being windy, these stabilizers will keep it flying high and keep the video recording steadily. Stabilizers come in many shapes and sizes, most of which being simple weights that attach to either side of the drone. These weights serve to give the drone more balance and more heft so that wind does not swing them from side to side. They are sometimes attached between the landing rails of a drone. It simply depends on the stabilizers you choose.

Film can be quickly downloaded from models with built-in cameras via USB ports, simply connecting them directly to your computer or pulling out the video SD card that is implanted in them. This way you can simply send your guests home with fond memories on a cd instead of making them wait for a disc in the mail.

If the day dawns wet and rainy, drones don’t mind. They can be outfitted with rain gear to protect expensive photographer or filmography equipment. Most models will not be bothered by a shower that will not stop a wedding from being outdoors. These little machines are made tough.

Choosing a drone for your wedding can be a bit arduous. There are several different sorts and all of them do their job very well. Do your research and choose a drone that fits your needs, then be impressed by how well it does.


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