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A floral art collaboration with the talented Artful Desperado and Vancouver wedding photographer, Tomasz Wagner.

When Gabriel of the beautifully curated Artful Desperado blog approached us with this floral art idea, we were immediately in love. Florals, art, and working with talented creatives? These are the kinds of projects we get incredibly excited about! This particular flower arrangement was inspired by the work of Ceren Kilic and this particular fashion-influenced illustration.

On the florals: we used light pink and white florals of various angular and contained shapes to parallel the crispness of the Kilic piece. The pink protea in particular, though mostly obscured, acts as a figurehead to draw the viewer’s eye towards the top centre of the arrangement before the view gives way to the pink peony and ranunculus spilling on either side. The subtle white carnations, white tulip, Easter lilies, and dusty miller evoke Kilic’s clouds and mountains while providing an overall structure and context for the container (a long ceramic black vase) that ultimately sends the arrangement upwards. The dark wool cloth backdrop parallels the textile feeling of the dress in Kilic’s piece. Art imitating life?

Flowers used in this arrangement: Pink protea, pink ranunculus, pink tulip, pink peony, pink-tinged Easter lilies, white tulip, white carnations, and Dusty Miller.

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