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We wanted to reimagine the typical Chinese wedding in a way that stayed true to tradition, but that also felt fresh, modern, and inspired.

To bring nothing but luck and good fortune to such an auspicious day, we worked with a colour palette that was rich in reds and golds and incorporated symbolism-rich elements throughout the decor. To make this Chinese wedding stand out from all the rest, we used an abundance of flowers including the chrysanthemum, symbol of longevity and health, to create a unique twist on typical banquet floral arrangements. In recognizing the importance of the Chinese tea ceremony, we made sure to include elements that speak to its rich tradition: red dates, lotus seeds, mandarin oranges, persimmons, and of course the lucky red envelope, or “lai-see.” for To create a big, memorable impact, we hung red paper lanterns in clusters, which create that wow-factor that every couple wants, while remaining true to the traditional elements that the older generation truly appreciate. The wedding invitations and guest favour tags both incorporate the symbol for Double Happiness surrounded by fish to bring abundance and affluence to the marriage, which inspired our inclusion of a goldfish centerpiece to bring drama and a touch of fun.

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